Earn High Interest % Yields

Smart Integrations with different Lending and Borrowing Providers, enables deposits, rewards and use of cryptocurrencies as collateral.

Initial Launch Partner: Trinito

Manage your Assets Easily

Send and receive KRT, UST, SDT, and MNT instantly

Swap cryptocurrencies between KRT, UST, SDT, and MNT

Easy to send/receive KRT by share address or scan/share QR code instantly

Informed Push Model to keep you updated with your earning

Security First

Harvest uses Seed Phrases, Face ID / Touch ID and Passcode to protect your assets.

Both accounts and private key will be encrypted.

Make sure your passcode is as strong as it can be, and keep the seed phrase safe.

Kysen Technologies is a San Francisco Bay Area tech startup that has ramped up in a relatively short amount of time with a number of successes in the blockchain space, starting off as a Staking-as-a-Service provider in Delegated Proof-of-Stake networks.

We are now an active Proof-of-Stake Validator responsible for over half a million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies under our Validator's management.

Besides being a meaningful Validator, we have recently launched Cosmos Outpost (cosmosoutpost.io), a macro-economics blockchain analytics revealing highly interesting time-series analytics by walking the chain to extract meaningful economic data from the immutable blockchain transaction history.

Website: https://kysenpool.io

Terra is a stablecoin that will power the next-generation, blockchain-based payment system used by everyday consumers on popular eCommerce platforms.

KRT is a stablecoin that is pegged to the Korean Won (KRW) and minted on Terra MainNet. It maintains stable value through LUNA, the native token of Terra.

Terra has an impressive rollout strategy in the eCommerce space, and backed by major exchanges, including Binance Labs, OKEx, Huobi Capital, and Dunamu & Partners. Mainstream crypto funds have also invested totaling USD $32 million in 2018, including Michael Arrington's XRP Capital, Polychain Capital, FBG Capital, Translink Capital, Kakao Investments and many others.

Bootstrapped by an alliance of large eCommerce players with USD $25 billion in annual transaction volume and 40 million users, Terra is set to become a medium of exchange at massive scale. More than 1 million accounts in less than a year of inception, averaging $1m USD in daily transaction volume.

Beyond payments, Terra is looking to offer a stability platform for ICOs and dApps that will vastly increase both the utility and the design space for decentralized financial products.

Website: https://terra.money

Trinito is a 'Safe blockchain reward wallet for multi-cryptocurrencies' developed by DXM, an affiliate of Dunamu. It is based on the Orbit Chain and uses Divine Protocol, which enables deposits, rewards and use of cryptocurrencies as collateral.

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